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Wednesday, December 21

CAST: Molding a New Museum for UT Dallas

In May 2022, The University of Texas at Dallas broke ground on the edge of its campus, marking more than two years of design and planning for a new arts and...

Exhibit: "History Resides Here: How Jim Crow and Urban Development Shaped a House, Neighborhood, and City"

Dallas’s past is one of contradictions, of progress and development alongside suppression and destruction. From emancipation through the Civil Rights...

Fall 2022 Capstone Celebration: Virtual

Please join us in celebrating our Fall 2022 AHT graduating students as they present their culminating projects. View the virtual capstone celebration

Stream Available
Rare Earth: The Art and Science of Chinese Stones

Collecting rocks and stone carvings has been popular in China for thousands of years. This tradition is rooted in the philosophical and spiritual inspiration...

International Student Orientation

The International Student Orientation is mandatory for 1) F and J Graduate International Students and 2) Exchange Studens. Please consult the International...

SSA Student Services Addition

We will be reading out our own personal writing to the rest of the group and critiquing/discussing it.

QC logo - a cup that has a straw that looks like an atom

Ever ask a bartender for a “good” wine? Knowing enough to answer that question is no easy task. Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits of America, the largest...

Wednesday, December 21