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Monday, February 6

Exhibit: "History Resides Here: How Jim Crow and Urban Development Shaped a House, Neighborhood, and City"

Dallas’s past is one of contradictions, of progress and development alongside suppression and destruction. From emancipation through the Civil Rights...

Pet Promenade

Celebrate UT Dallas's Homecoming with a Homecoming Pet Promenade! Submit a picture of your pet showing off their best Comet Spirit for a chance to win a...

Gentle Flow Yoga

For those who are new, or want a gentler yoga class, this is a great option that still brings breathing practice and meditation.

Randy L. Buckner, PhD

Randy L. Buckner, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Harvard University, joins the CVL Spring Science Luncheon Series! Talk Title: In Pursuit of...


Fit60 is our newest offering that brings you high Colaric burn from cardio, muscle toning strength work, and mind-calming yoga all in one 60-minute class....

 Physics Colloquium - Dr. Emily Davis, UC Berkeley

In pursuit of entanglement: XXZ interactions for spin-squeezing in atomic and solid-state spin ensembles Controlling many-body entanglement promises to...

Intertek: B.E. Industry Day

Join us on February 6th at 4 PM on Microsoft teams as we welcome representatives from Intertek! They will share about their company and the fantastic...

4pm to 5pm
Stream Available

Women's & Men's Basketball vs. McMurry

Monday, February 6