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 Money Management for International Students

Join Intercultural Programs (ICP) on Instagram Live with two student financial advisors from Comet Cents. Comet Cents provides education and training on...

3/23 2pm
Making Nutrition A Part of Your Daily Routine As An International Student

Let's discuss with a registered dietitian the meaning and importance of nutrition in our daily routine to make better food choices, while preventing and...

3/27 1pm to 2pm
Current Debates of Interculturalism in U.S. Higher Education

Practicing interculturalism in higher education enhances deeper understanding of cultural differences among members of educational communities, particularly...

3/29 1pm to 2pm
Student Counseling Center and International Students

At this point, you are well into the middle of the Spring semester. Classes are getting harder, exams are piling up, and life in your home culture is...

3/31 1pm to 2pm
UTD International Spouse and Family Welcome Party

Join Intercultural Programs for a chance to meet and socialize with other members of the International Student Spouse and Family group. There will be food,...

3/31 4pm to 6pm

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