Covid-19 & Mpox Updates

Covid-19 & Mpox Updates

The University of Texas at Dallas is closely monitoring the outbreaks of COVID-19 and mpox. Find updates on this and other resources on our community health page.

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Intercultural Programs Events

February 6 - March 8, 2023

Tuesday, February 7

Intercultural Iceberg (objective vs subjective culture)

The iceberg is frequently used as an analogy to graphicaly demonstrate the visible and invisible elements of a culture. Join Intercultural Programs (ICP) to...

2/7 1pm to 2pm
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Wednesday, February 8

American Football and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, the U.S. National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football...

2/8 1pm to 2pm
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Thursday, February 9

Dating Around the World

Dating practices and interpretations of consent vary greatly across the globe. Join Intercultural Programs on Instagram Live to talk about perspectives on...

2/9 1pm to 2pm
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Friday, February 10

iWeek: Information Session

Do you want to showcase your culture to the UTD community? You can do that with iWeek! This information session will review the general outline of iWeek...

Library stacks

The UT Dallas Eugene McDermott Library supports students with resources to enhance their academic success at UT Dallas such as interlibrary loans, multimedia...

2/10 1pm to 1:30pm
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Monday, February 13

iFriend Welcome Party (iFriend only event)

Intercultural Programs Team welcomes the Spring 2023 iFriend group! Meet your iFriend(s), introduce yourself, and laugh with us. Only for iFriend students....

Tuesday, February 14

U.S. University Traditions

Join ICP on Instagram @UTDICP to learn about common university traditions in the U.S.

2/14 11am to 12pm
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Wednesday, February 15

Student Government and International Students

Join Intercultural Programs (ICP)and Student Government (SG) President to discuss SG services and opportunities for international students such as...

2/15 10am to 11am
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Thursday, February 16

iWeek: Global Talent Show Auditions

Come showcase your talent as we celebrate UTD's global diversity through song, dance and more at this year's iWeek Global Talent Show! Audition to be part of...

Friday, February 17

UTD Homecoming Parade of Flags

Join us for the Parade of Flags at the Homecoming Parade as we honor and celebrate the global diversity on our campus by carrying flags from around the...

Friday, February 24

Interview with Student Ombuds

The UT Dallas Student Ombuds supports students who encounter challenges and conflicts, while empowering them with strategies to identify their own course of...

2/24 1pm to 2pm
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Tuesday, February 28

US Academic Culture: Citations and References

While every student’s experience is different, there are some common rules and expectations for citing research and properly including references. During...

2/28 1pm to 2pm
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Thursday, March 2

Intercultural Competency Training (iFriend only event)

iFriend participants will understand the basics of interculturalism and how culture impacts communication and relationships. iFriend participants will learn...

Saturday, March 4

iWeek: Global Talent Show Individual Rehearsals

This will be the ideal opportunity for Global Talent Show participants to rehearse their act on stage. Participants will be free to come and go at their...

Monday, March 6

iWeek: Passport to the World

Passport to the World is an international festival that showcases culture through food, music, and much more. The first event of UTD’s annual International...

iWeek: Bachata Night

Come join us for a night of dancing! We will be playing the hottest hits from around the world including Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, and Ballroom music. No...

Tuesday, March 7

iWeek: Badminton Doubles Tournament

Compete or cheer with fellow students at this year’s badminton doubles tournament, as part of iWeek 2023! There will be rounds in men's, women's, and...

Wednesday, March 8

iWeek: Chinese Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy Workshop

Join us to experience the tea ceremony and the art of calligraphy. This will be an opportunity to learn about the ceremonial way of preparing and drinking...

iWeek: Table Tennis Tournament

Compete or cheer with fellow students at this year’s table tennis tournaments, as part of iWeek 2023! Both singles and doubles will be played in each sport....