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Take Down Tobacco Day

National Take Down Tobacco day celebration. Join us for food, games and giveaways!

4/3 12pm to 2pm
So You Think You Can Drive?

Think you can drive drunk? Alcohol Education event. Obstacle course while wearing drunk goggles simulating drinking and driving.

4/6 12pm to 2pm
Safe Solo Cup Party

Alcohol education event/trivia. Join us for food and giveaways!

4/12 1pm to 3pm
Drunk Dunks

Alcohol education event. Can you shoot for the high score while under the influence? Join us for food and giveaways!

4/19 1pm to 3pm
Henna Not Hookah

Join us for some tobacco/hookah education while you get some henna done with some henna artists!

4/27 6pm to 8pm

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Henna Not Hookah


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