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It was terrible. I waited in a 2.5 hour line because someone figured a four-hour event held during classes and staffed with just two photographers was sufficient to offer graduation and business photos to a university with enough graduating seniors to warrant thirteen different commencement ceremonies. Several people near me either missed class or had to leave, exasperated after waiting 2 hours. Further, this event was billed as a "one-stop shop" for "ordering your cap, gown and graduation announcements," but it was no such thing. We were instructed to obtain cheery star-shaped stamps from tables that could neither sell, nor take orders, nor offer appointments. With the exception of Balfour, every table rep said, "visit our website for info." I could have done that from home. For the sake of future graduates, I hope UTD's next grad fair features more photographers, better line management, and vendors who are actually prepared to take orders on site. If that's not possible, a webpage of links and printable photo vouchers would be more useful and respectful of students' study and class time than yesterday's exercise in absolute frustration.

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