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Center for Children and Families - Works in Development Series

This session will plan for the Center for Children and Families’ 2024 spring lecture series. This year’s series will reflect and honor the work of Dr. Margaret Owen.

Friday, October 6
CRA 12.125

What is CCF’s Works In Development Series?
In these sessions (roughly 2 a month), each week a different CCF core and affiliated faculty and/or their student will talk about projects that they are currently working on or thinking about starting. This is not a formal presentation, but a more casual discussion.

Why should you participate in CCF’s Works In Development?

  • Learn more about the research that is being done in developmental and family studies at UTD – We are often isolated in our silos and fail to see the amazing work that is being done all around us. Come hear what your fellow scientists are doing.
  • Identify new methods and approaches to studying children and families – The students and faculty here all study children and families but with very different perspectives and approaches. In any given session you may learn about new measures or techniques that could support and add to a project you have going on.
  • Identify potential collaborators for current or future projects – In our discussions you may find overlapping goals and interests to help build your collaborative network.
  • Get feedback on your work – Talk through your newest ideas and hear what others think! What additional questions could you ask? What funding opportunities are there for the work? What resources might other faculty and students have to help you? Through these sessions we can all do better, more informed research with a broader impact.
  • Learn more about the resources at CCF to support your research – CCF has vast resources that could help support your work, including extensive data from nearly 1000 families in the DFW area, databases of participants and recruiting opportunities. Some of the presentations will include these data, others may not, but the presenter may learn of ways CCF can support their work through our discussions.
  • Students: get a chance to talk to more faculty about their science and yours! – Someday you’ll need a dissertation committee and some letters of recommendation for that future job. Start building those networks now.
  • Just meet with some really fun, smart people to share amazing ideas – We are lucky within CCF to have wonderfully smart, supportive members who love the work they do. We expect these to be lively, engaging and fun discussions about science.
  • Food – We will have free snacks at every meeting, because free food makes all meetings better.

CRA 12.125

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Center for Children and Families


Mandy Maguire

UTD strives to create inclusive and accessible events in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you require an accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact the event coordinator (listed above) at least 10 business days prior to the event. If you have any additional questions, please email and the AccessAbility Resource Center at

  • Lourdes Cabrera
  • Nicole Dsouza

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