When the minimalist, abstract painter John Wilcox died in 2012, he left behind a large collection of his canvases, works on paper, and notebooks. Wilcox, however, did not leave behind instructions for what to do with his life’s work. A new film by documentarians Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky titled John Wilcox: The Relinquishment of Time explores Wilcox’s ranging oeuvre and the efforts to archive, catalogue and exhibit his works. In this one-hour documentary the audience meet renowned gallerists, conservators, artists, and academics who reflect on Wilcox’s meticulous artistic craft, his personal experience growing up in Texas, and the multilayered narratives and techniques that are present in his work.

Features interviews from the O'Donnell Institute's Dr. Sarah Kozlowski, Dr. Benjamin Lima, Pierrette Lacour, and Dr. Richard R. Brettell.


For further information on the work of John Wilcox, read more about The Wilcox Space on our website. Between 2013 and 2018, The Wilcox Space (under the aegis of the Ioannes Project) collaborated with the O’Donnell Institute to mount a suite of exhibitions of John Wilcox’s paintings and works on paper and to publish a series of catalogues that document his career. View installations and catalogues of John Wilcox's work at The Wilcox Space and visit an online database of his work.


John Wilcox: Relinquishment of Time will be featured in several screenings in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the next month:

October 3, 2021 @ 1 PM: Dallas VideoFest at the Angelika Theatre. See https://videofest.org/schedule/ for more information and tickets.

October 28, 2021 @ 10:30 PM: KERA/PBS Television, Frame of Mind. See https://artandseek.org/2021/09/01/texas-film-fans-check-out-the-lineup-for-frame-of-mind-on-kera-tv/  for more information.

Dallas VideoFest at the Angelika Theatre, Dallas VideoFest at the Angelika Theatre

Edith O'Donnell Institute of Art History, Harry W. Bass Jr. School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology


Pierrette Lacour

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