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Chemistry seminar - Edge-1-transitive multivariate metal-organic frameworks: Materials with predictable crystal structure, variable composition, and tunable emergent properties (Speaker: Dr. Fernando Uribe-Romo, University of Central Florida)

Friday, October 22, 2021 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Sciences Building, SCI 1.210

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will be holding seminar series every Friday between 3:30pm-4.30pm starting on Sep 3rd (second week of the semester). The seminars will be presented either virtually via BbCollaborate or in person (Room SCI 1.210).

This seminar will take place on Friday Oct. 22 and  will be delivered in person (Speaker: Dr. Fernando J. Uribe-Romo, University of Central Florida; Host: Chemistry Graduate Student Association). This seminar will also be live-streamed via MS Teams. The link can be provided upon request (please contact Dr. Gabriele Meloni at

Title: Edge-1-transitive multivariate metal-organic frameworks: Materials with predictable crystal structure, variable composition, and tunable emergent properties

Abstract: One of the major challenges for preparing molecular-based crystals with predetermined properties is applying the solid-state chemistry strategy of substitutional solid-solutions (SSS). This challenge arises because—unlike inorganic crystals—organic molecules are non-spherical with highly anisotropic supramolecular effects that impede our ability to pack them in predictable ways. In our research, we design and synthesize materials that use strong bonds as the driving force for crystallization, combining reticular, organic, and solid-state syntheses for making edge-1-transitive multivariate metal-organic frameworks (MTV MOFs). Edge-1-transitive MTV MOFs are those with both, nets that contain only one kind of edge, and mixed links that compete for that unique edge position in predictable ways. Using Edge-1-transitive MTV MOFs enables our ability to apply the SSS strategy with ease and allow us to prepare single crystal, bulk powders, and thin films MTV MOFs with the tunable exotic properties of organic molecules in solution. We demonstrate our strategy by preparing MTV links that bear organic groups with predesigned electronic activity (photoemission, aggregation, outer-sphere electron transfer) and incorporate them in MTV MOFs that exhibit multicolor and white light emission via excited-state proton transfer and J-dimer aggregation, conduct charge via redox-hopping, and show photoredox catalysis via formation of charge-separated states. We observed that our synthetic strategy further enable our ability to prepare materials with emergent and high-precision properties.

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